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Here You will see info of the updates that come out and then info before a new update comes out. You may "NOT" edit anything on the wikia unless I say if I find someone that is not my administrators is updating my wikia I will ban him/her permanently..

New Robots

Upcoming Events

  • none


  • whywouldntgivingshinyasecondtime [Shiny Ata]
  • levelnowsurprise [+5 Levels]

Administer Rules

  • No Blog Spamming
  • No Deleting
  • No Bad Words
  • No Cyber Bulling
  • No Editing unless Me or Sky says you can
  • Only add TRUE post


  • Day Ban
  • Week Ban
  • Month Ban
  • Year Ban
  • Lifetime Ban
  • Loss Of Rights
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